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About us

About usVILNIUS LASER DERMATOLOGY Center (founded in 2005) employs highly qualified specialists. It uses the latest diagnostic equipment in the Baltic States and administers treatment using the new generation lasers. We offer medical help for people who suffer from skin diseases, acne, tumors, or oral thrush. We also conduct procedures related to skin rejuvenation or treatment, body contour formation, cellulite treatment, breast cancer diagnosis, removal of hair, scars and blood vessels. In addition, we provide medical consultations.


Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center is the largest private Dermatology Centre in Lithuania as it employs the highest number of certified specialists. Thus, patients have the advantage of being consulted by the experienced doctors.

We are interested in developing relationships with clients and not making profit as soon as possible, which means that you get only those services and procedures that you really need rather than those that we “currently have”.

Laboratory tests are carried out in certified laboratories in Sorpas and the State Pathology Centers.

Particular attention is paid to areas of oncodermatology (diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin cancer).

We have been the first in Lithuania who started laser treatment of nail fungus. We have gained the widest experience in Lithuania.

We constantly upgrade the equipment. The quality and quantity of our equipment does not lag behind the European high-level medical centers. Most of the revenue is allocated to service quality enhancement rather than the image of the premises. We are deeply convinced that the treatment is administered with the help of highly qualified specialists and the most modern equipment.

We don’t lie to our patients (we do not promise more than we can do - we let our patients know about the cases when they might not get the desired effect).

We collaborate with major insurance companies, such as Ergo, Compensa, Lietuvos draudimas.

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