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CAVIFAST 2 – an innovative method to get rid of cellulite in its III-VI stages

Laser Dermatology center offers you a 25% discount for the procedure using CAVIFAST 2 apparatus. The discount is applied when 4 procedures are purchased at once and the offer is valid only for the first purchaser of the day.

CAVIFAST 2Procedures may be purchased via internet, you only are required to choose the necessary body area: BUY NOW

Why is it worth to purchase via Internet?
- it is cheaper because it saves customer’s and center’s time.
- it is more convenient because it does not require waiting in reception.

What kind of an apparatus is it?
CAVIFAST 2 – it is a french quality apparatus for cellulite‘s treatment in III-VI stages and elimination of fatty deposits and having a medical CE certificate. This certificate guarantees high-qualified, effective and safe service for our clients.

What kind of a method is it?
CAVIFAST 2 apparatus uses low frequency waves (38 kHz +/- 2 kHz) that reacts with fat cells. Small bubbles weakening the strength of cells‘ membrane and allowing the removal of triglycerids are formed in cells at the moment of the reaction. In this way the volume of a fat cell minimizes (lipolysis) and the fat cells perish because of membrane‘s infringement (lipoclasis). Fat, transformed into liquid, gets into lymphatic and blood systems removes through liver, kidneys and macrophages.

What time does it take to see the first results?
The effectiveness can already be seen after the first procedure:


Volume of hips before the first procedure 60cm;                         Volume of hips after the first procedure 58,5cm.

Volume of hips before the first procedure 60cm;                         Volume of hips after the first procedure 56,5cm.

Volume of abdomen before the first procedure 97,5cm;             Volume of abdomen after the first procedure 94cm.

Person loses volume of 1-8cm after the procedure.

In which cases is the procedure of cavitation performed using CAVIFAST 2?
When a person has fat deposits or complains about having cellulite of III-VI stages.
Procedure may take 60 minutes (1 body area (10cm X 10cm) takes the reaction time of 10min).
Person is able to continue his/her regular day activities right away after the procedure.
5-6 procedures are recommended.
It is also recommended to consume a big amount of water before and after the procedure.

- French quality.
- Medical CE certificate.
- Guaranteed satisfaction.
- Apparatus is able to react with 19,6cm area at once which ensures a 10 minute-performance in one body area.
- Autocalibration allows to configure apparatus‘s transducer and set an optimum frequency to achieve a maximum effect.
- Effect of CAVIFAST 2 is scientifically proven.

Our advantages
  • Each type of aesthetic changes (cellulite or fatty deposits, loose-hanging skin) requires a different correction method. Vilnius Laser Dermatology Centre employs all the methods of aesthetic correction of skin changes, that is why you will get what is the most relevant to you rather than what we currently have.
  • We use only clinically proven methods (their efficiency has been confirmed in clinical trials).
  • Our proposed methods produce better results in a shorter period of time (e.g. CAVIFAST 2 procedures will deliver a noticeable result already after the first procedure).
  • In case our methods don’t help, the only possible effective step is surgical intervention.
  • CAVIFAST 2, Exilis or acoustic shockwave procedure (X-WAVE) (BTL) is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are applied). These methods can be used individually or combined to achieve the best result.
  • We are one of the first centres in Lithuania who started providing these services.
  • Procedures are performed using only the highest quality equipment from world recognized manufacturers (BTL).
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.