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Conservative (non-surgical) ingrown nail treatment PODOFIX

Orthonyxia is the conservative (non-surgical) ingrown nail treatment method. The up-to-date ingrown nail correction technique allows to adjust the nail plate aiming it to the right anatomic direction and avoid any surgical intervention.

Nail studs – an alternative to a surgery




A nail stud is a plate that works as a spring that is sticked to the nail surface and slowly stretching straightens the growing nail.

Nowadays the disease can be overcome without the help of a surgeon, only by using Podofix braces. Podofix is a device that lifts an ingrown nail, helps to reduce the pressure to the nail roller and inflammatory processes inside of it. Gradually the pain disappears and most importantly the progressing nail correction continues. The principle of action is similar to dental braces’one – an elastic brace made of metal or plastic is fixed on the deformed nail in order to gradually lift and straighten it. Working as a spring the brace pulls out the nail edges, straightens it and does not allow to deform. It is recommended for a derformed and ingrown nail treatment and prevention of nail fold granulation as well. Disappearance of pain and, most importantly, the steady correction of a growing nail is a result of this treatment. Podofix remains on the nail from 14 days to 2 months period. It must be taken off or changed into another one after that. The elastic brace is easily fastened on the problemic nail zone or near it. Size should be selected in a way that the brace snuggled up to the nail edge but did not outstep it. This method is ascribed to a non-surgical onchocryptosis correction using a stud-brace, it allows to avoid the surgical intervention. Due to a small size Podofix is imperceptible, does not disturb wearing shoes or doing sports. On request the nail brace can even be covered in nail polish.

This method is established and broadly applicable in Germany. The procedure can already be performed in Lithuania, Laser dermatology center.

Advantages of the method:
• a perfect fixation because of an elastic Podofix texture;
• a maximum stretch;
• an active technology allows regulating the stretch according to everyone’s needs;
• an individual approach to every patient;
• a reliable fastening;
• quick and effective treatment;
• fastening a Podofix brace will make you forget about a problem!

Gradually changing nail (before and after)




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