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Conservative (non-surgical) treatment of ingrown nail COMBIped

Treatment of ingrown nails is divided into non-surgical, conservative or surgical treatment. Conservative method of treatment - non-surgical treatment of ingrown nails or orthotics. The modern method of treatment (orthotics) allows you to adjust the nail plate - to give it the right anatomical direction of growth without any surgical intervention! Treatment with staples-plates refers to the non-surgical correction of onychocryptosis. The brace is fastened to the damaged, deformed nail and, acting like a spring, slowly pulls slowly, raises and straightens it, thereby reducing the pressure on the nail roller, reducing the inflammatory processes in it, the pain disappears and a progressive correction of the nail occurs.

Combiped Staple Treatment

Combiped staples are a combined wire-plate method, created and widely used in Germany. This is an innovative technique in orthodontics. Combiped staple is used for severe deformation of the nail plate, inflammatory processes. This is a hypoallergenic correction technique - in the manufacture of Combiped staples, a surgical stainless steel wire. One side of the Combiped brace consists of a wire that is stretched and fastened over the edge of the nail plate, the other side is a plastic plate that is attached to the other edge of the nail. Attachment of the staple on the nail takes a little time - up to 5 minutes, the patient feels relieved at once, since the staple relieves the pressure of the ingrown nail on surrounding soft tissues. The tension of the staple makes the nail angle grow up, in the right direction. Combiped stays on the nail for 14 days to 2 months, then must be removed or replaced. This method can adjust the deformed, ingrown nails of both large and other fingers, as well as children's nails. Basically with the help of  Combiped braces, such problems as one-sided ingrowing of the nail and straightening the twisted nails are solved.

Photos of nail changes (before and after)

 7-week treatment Combiped (Photo: Maurer)

 13-week treatment Combiped (Photo: Scholz)

In Lithuania, this procedure can be done in the Center for Laser Dermatology.

Application possibilities:


• Strongly deformed, twisted nails
• One-sided ingrowth and inflammation of nail roller
• A stronger and faster effect is desired
• Small nails
• Children's nails.


Advantages of the method:

• Without surgical intervention
• No discomfort when wearing shoes
• Correction of the appearance of the nail
• Absence of complications
• Absence of relapses
• Suitable when other treatments do not help
• Relieves pain
• The ability to correct the entire nail or part of it
• Staples are attached to the ingrown nail quickly, bloodlessly, without causing pain
• Staples can be applied with nail polish
• By attaching the Combiped brace, you will be able to forget about your problem very soon!

If you have a grown nail, do not delay and consult a doctor who will help to solve this problem. Now the problem of an ingrown, deformed nail can be solved quickly, almost imperceptibly and painlessly.

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