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Online dermatologist’s consultation

To sign up for remote dermatologist consultation, please fill this form: REGISTRATION FOR CONSULTATION

When is it relevant to seek for an online dermatologist's consultation?

• Patient's condition is not clear or possibly dangerous to one's health and there is no possibility to get a dermatologist's consultation in a usual way,
• a long line of patients waiting ahead of You to get a usual dermatologist's consultation (sometimes it is necessary to wait for a month or even longer to get a visit at dermatologist's. During this period the disease may progress and the treatment becomes ineffective comparing to the one prescribed immediately),
• there is no appropriate specialist in the area of Your residence or You are having doubts about doctor's qualification,
• because of certain circumstances there is no possibility for You to visit a doctor in a usual way (for example, You are taking care of an ill child, cannot take a day off at work and etc.).

Who is the online dermatologist's consultation for?

Online dermatologist's consultation is for patients who:

• keep up with nowadays technologies,
• live at a frantic pace,
• are able to use a camera of a smartphone,
• are open to innovations.

Other patients are welcome to get a direct consultation at one of our centers in Vilnius, Klaipėda and Druskininkai. A usual dermatologist's consultation costs 48EUR, doctor's of medical science – 58EUR.

Why is it worth to get an online consultation?

• No need to wait in a line for a direct consultation, services are available at home,
• You save Your manoy as the price of a usual consultation is higher,
• You save Your time,
• You get an answer quickly and in a convenient way,
• the quality of an online consultation usually matches the quality of a direct one,
• You do not risk anything as You are provided with warranties of Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center (read below).

Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center promises
  • You are going to be consulted only by doctors dermatologists with a licence. Their qualification meets the requirements of Lithuanian law of telemedicine,
  • registration for an online consultation is available 24/7, doctors consult during the working hours,
  • depending on the chosen type of consultation doctor is going to contact You during 24-48 hours at workdays,
  • in difficult cases when an online consultation is not enough You are provided with a month warranty to get a direct doctor's consultation at one of our centers. In such a case after paying the fee of an online consultation You are going to be asked to pay the difference between prices of an online consultation and the direct one,
  • 100% money-back guarantee. If our doctor does not contact You in a scheduled time, we are going to return Your money to You in 24 hours.