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Laser treatment of nail fungus

Laser treatment is a progressive, safe and effective method of dealing with nail fungus. However, before choosing laser treatment you need to answer the following questions.

1. What type of laser will be used for the treatment? 
2. How long will the procedure take? 
3. What temperature will be reached during the procedure? 
4. Will the laser fungal nail treatment be painful? 
5. How many procedures are needed and how often? 
6. When to expect the results?

Why are these questions important before receiving the treatment? 
Because, depending on your answers, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of potential treatment as well as experience of the clinic and doctor in treating nail fungus. 
There are two types of lasers, which are used to treat nail fungus. These lasers radically differ in their methods for fungus treatment. 
Older types of lasers belong to ND: YAG type of lasers that operate using the photo-thermic effect. This means that this type of lasers kills fungus cells using high temperatures. Depending on the type of fungus, operating temperature from 45 to 50°C has to be achieved. Treatment of nail fungus with a laser is a painful procedure and has a potential risk of additional complications. Moreover, the procedure is not immediate (the required temperature is not instantly reached) and requires from 10 to 15 min to expose. This is confirmed by the research of American Academy of Dermatology. 
2nd type of laser is NOVEON laser. NOVEON laser has a particularly safe and efficient operation mechanism, which is called the photoinactivation effect. NOVEON laser directly affects fungus cells and DNA system.
During the procedure healthy cells remain intact. This is a patented invention that in our days is only used with a NOVEON laser. 
2nd advantage of a NOVEON laser is that there is no human factor. Treatment with older lasers requires careful work of a doctor as there shouldn’t be left any unprocessed areas between the areas that have already been worked on by the laser.
It is sometimes difficult to achieve since the laser beam, depending on the type of laser, varies from 0.1 to 0.3 cm in diameter. Therefore, there is always the probability of leaving the areas of active fungal cells unprocessed. Next-generation lasers treat the entire nail area immediately. This is an automated process. It takes 16 minutes to treat one nail. 
3rd  advantage of NOVEON laser is comfort of the procedure. Patients, who have undergone a procedure with old lasers, can confirm that due to high temperature the procedure is not always pleasant. NOVEON laser treats fungus using photoinactivation effect so that there is no need for reaching high temperatures. 
4th advantage of NOVEON laser is safety. NOVEON laser is the safest of all lasers, which are designed for nail fungus treatment and belong to III B class.
 As a rule, 3 procedures are performed, in cases of complication - 4 procedures.
If patients are treated with NOVEON laser, the noticeable improvements become visible in 3.5 to 4 months. According to numerous researches, efficiency of NOVEON laser has been up to 85%. Unfortunately, we cannot promise a 100% result as nowadays there is no such treatment in the world. Cases of complication, if there are no contraindications, are treated using medicines and laser.
Our advantages of laser nail fungus treatment
The highest experience in laser nail fungus treatment in Lithuania. We are the first in Lithuania who started providing this service. 
We are the only one amongst the Baltic States who treat patients employing NOVEON laser that doesn‘t have any analogue in the world and whose efficiency has been proved in major studios and thousands of patients have been cured around the world. 
There is no risk of the human factor if NOVEON laser is utilized during the treatment since the procedure is performed in accordance with advance algorithms; thus, the best results are expected.
We use two types of laser and out of our practice we can compare efficiency of their effect - we definitely recommend NOVEON type laser. 
The safest method of nail fungus treatment (taking into consideration the impact on health) - NOVEON. (Medication-assisted treatment lasts for several months and it can damage the liver (it is necessary to monitor the condition of liver ferments as well as to run frequent laboratory tests) and bacteria (fungus) can develop resistance to drugs).
Laser nail fungus treatment does not take a lot of time, a patient can undergo procedures at any convenient time during the lunch break. 
In Lithuania the NOVEON laser treatment can be performed only in Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center
If you are interested in laser nail fungus treatment, you can contact our centers in Vilnius, Klaipeda. 
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