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Photodynamic therapy - an alternative non-invasive (local) way of treating nail fungus

For treatment of nail fungus, a combination of topical preparations and oral antifungal medicines is often prescribed. However, in some cases it is necessary to look for alternative ways to solve this problem, for example:

• When traditional treatment is ineffective;
• When traditional methods of treatment are impossible (for example, due to patient concomitant, liver problems, etc.);
• In case of toxic reactions to oral medications or in the case of interaction with other medications used.

One of the most effective alternative treatments for fungus is photodynamic therapy. This is a local non-invasive treatment based on the interaction of certain chemicals and light, which releases free radicals that destroy microorganisms or target cells.

Photodynamic therapy (PT) – treatment with special light. The procedure is performed in 2 stages: first the photosensitizer is applied to the affected area (photosensitizer), and then this area is exposed to light rays of a certain wavelength. During the interaction of the photosensitizer and light, free oxygen radicals are formed, photochemical reactions occur, as a result of which microorganisms, fungal hyphae, spores and altered cells are killed. Metabolism of cancer cells and microorganisms is different from the metabolism of healthy cells, so they absorb the photosensitizer more intensively and faster, so they have stronger photochemical reactions leading to their death. Healthy surrounding tissues remain intact, because they have a weak interaction of light and photosensitizer.

Applications and indications PT

For a long time, the main field of application of photodynamic therapy was the treatment of tumors and precancerous conditions - not only of the skin, but also of internal organs, such as, for example, the esophagus. However, after a while it was noted that this method of treatment is effective in solving other skin problems, especially infectious or inflammatory.

When can photodynamic therapy be prescribed?

• Skin cancer: actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, Bowen's disease,  squamous cell carcinoma, Kaposi's  sarcoma, mushroom mycosis (mycosis fungoides);
• Psoriasis;
• Viral skin diseases: warts, herpes  infection;
• Acne;
• Rejuvenation procedures;
• Hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands;
• Bacterial skin diseases: pyoderma, trophic ulcers;
• Nail fungus, especially caused by T. rubrum;
• Ring granuloma;
• Purulent hidradenitis;
• Hypertrophic scars, keloids;
• Atrophic lichen.

Preparation for the procedure:

The procedure is simple and painless.  Before the procedure, the nail plate should be specially prepared - refined, softened, and thickened, subungual masses removed. For this, special grinding or a 40% urea solution is used. The thinner the nail plate, the better the photosensitizer penetrates into it, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. After proper preparation of the damaged nail, a photosensitizing substance is applied to it, which is activated by light waves of a certain length from the devices intended for this purpose.

Advantages of photodynamic therapy:

• Painless. During the procedure, a slight tingling or warmth may be felt, but this is temporary.
• No systemic toxicity to the body.
• There is no interaction with other medications taken by the patient (eg, antidepressants).
•  Quick procedure (~ 30 minutes, depending on the number of nails), you can go to work after the procedure, daily actions remain unlimited.
• Can be combined with other treatments and medications.
• Minimal invasive procedure, so it does not affect neighboring healthy tissues.
• The duration of systemic treatment is reduced by one third.
• Effective treatment of damaged T. rubrum nails.
• Microorganisms do not become resistant to photodynamic therapy, so the effectiveness of the procedure does not decrease with time (in contrast to systemic therapy).

Our advantages in treating nail fungus
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