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Other methods

Relaxing classic massage is a great solution for constantly and a lot working, exhausted, finding a difficulty in falling asleep people. It also helps for apathetic, nervous people unable to rest after a stressful day at work, home-work, intense brain work. A relaxing classic massage is one of the most popular massage forms across the world. This kind of a massage will help you to recover after a difficult day at work, get rid of fatigue, will allow to forget routine and free your positive thoughts.

Classic massage has a positive effect for an individual’s self-feeling:
1. Reduces tension in muscles;
2. Helps to get rid of fatigue and stress;
3. Improves sleep quality
4. Has a positive impact on blood circulation and metabolism;
5. Helps to stay efficient;
6. Reduces irritability, grades up one’s mood.

Whole body classic massage (neck, shoulders, spin, back side of legs) takes about 60 minutes. There is also a possibility to perform a segmental body massage. It usually takes place in neck and shoulders areas.

In our Klaipėda’s centre classic massage is performed by a certificated physical therapist Viktorija Liutkuvienė who may be described as a professional and attentive specialist.

Our advantages
  • Each type of aesthetic changes (cellulite or fatty deposits, loose-hanging skin) requires a di-fferent correction method. Vilnius Laser Dermatology Centre employs all the methods of aesthetic correction of skin changes, that is why you will get what is the most relevant to you rather than what we currently have.
  • We use only clinically proven methods (their efficiency has been confirmed in clinical trials).
  • Our proposed methods produce better results in a shorter period of time (e.g. 4 Exilis pro-cedures delivers a better result rather than 20 procedures).
  • In case our methods don’t help, the only possible effective step is surgical intervention.
  • Exilis or acoustic shockwave procedure (X-WAVE) (BTL) is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are applied). These methods can be used individually or combined to achieve the best result.
  • We are one of the first centres in Lithuania who started providing these services.
  • Procedures are performed using only the highest quality equipment from world recognized manufacturers (BTL).
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed,
  • You may contact our centre in Klaipėda.