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Dermato-cosmetology. Peeling

In our clinic chemical peeling using glycolic acid may be performed. It is a procedure during which the surface skin layer is removed. In this way the formation of a new skin layer is promoted. Skin regenerates quicker, looks younger and more even.

This chemical peeling is applied when:
• Seeking to improve skin structure (skin becomes more even and shiny),
• Seeking to reduce the number of small wrinkles,
• Seeking to reduce an uneven pigmentation,
• As a subsidiary measure for some forms of acne to cure and acne scars to remove.

Advantages of peeling:

• It is not always purposeful to prescribe a patient with laser procedures when results may be achieved using other and more simple methods, in this case peelings. Methods prescribed on time give significant results. Patient is provided with a good esthetic result by spending less money.
• Dermatologist's aim is to offer the right method: peeling (there is a variety of different ones), mesotherapy, other method or a combination of them.
• We only work with certificated and tested products for skin problems to solve,
• Peeling procedures in our clinic are done only by doctors dermatologists (not cosmetologists) because only after the right skin changes evaluation the right solution may be chosen. You may contact our center in Vilnius.
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