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Skin loses its elasticity with the years, wrinkles start to show.

Device's work is based on radio frequency and ultra sound waves impact for the skin layers. After such an impact skin fibroblasts (cells producing collagen fibers) are stimulated to produce collagen, fibers of which regenerates and grow stronger. Skin becomes resilient, wrinkles get less noticable or disappears completely.

Exilis before and after the correction.
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Why is our device more advanced than the others?
The installed EFC system guarantees equal energy flow and authomatically removes energy flow peaks. For this reason the procedure is not painful and has no risk of burns. This would be the device's difference from the previous generation radiolifting equipment.

Is the procedure safe?
Safety and effectiveness of this method is scientifically and clinically proved.

How does the procedure go?
During the procedure, cooling gel is placed on the body area, the sensing element of the device is put on the skin and the skin tightening procedure is performed by doing rotary movements. The affected area cannot be hairy. Patient feels a pleasant warmth.

Preparation for the procedure:

  • do not use any creams, losions the day of the procedure, face has to be clean from make-up,
  • do not wear any accessories,
  • the day before the procedure and during the day of procedure drink more still water,
  • if the procedural area is hairy, patient should shave the hair.

What to expect after the procedure?

  • Skin may be slightly red after the procedure. Redness usually lasts from a couple of minutes till a couple of hours. Despite the redness, a short-term feeling of warmth, as well as a slight swelling, increased skin sensitivity in procedural area may be expected.
  • You are allowed to continue your daily routine at once after the procedure.

What areas may be adjusted by applying this method?
Face, dewlap, neck, decolte are the mostly treated areas.

How many procedures are necessary?
Number of the procedures is individual and depends on the treated area, desired result, skin condition. The average is 4-6 procedures every 7-14 days. The result is gradual. Although the possitive effect becomes noticable at once after the treatment course, the geatest effect comes within the 3-month period after the last procedure. New collagen is produced up to 6 months after the procedure.

Who is recommended to take the procedure?
Non-surgical skin tightening procedure is recommended for patients whose age is from 25 to 70+ and seeking to improve skin condition (tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles that appeared because of age, sun impact or improper lifestyle).

Who are not recommended to take the procedure?

  • Pregnant or breeding women,
  • Patients having heart stimulators or metal heart implants,
  • Patients having rashed or irritated skin.

Advantages of Exilis:

  • Painless and safe procedure,
  • The procedure does not require a special aftercare, you are allowed to continue your daily routine,
  • It is suitable for any type of skin,
  • It is suitable for tanned skin,
  • Procedure may be applied with a view to body contour formation ( removal of fatty depo-sits),
  • Scientifically proved safety and effectiveness.
Our advantages:
  • For skin renewal procedures we use a high quality equipment that is appreciated among pro-ducers all over the world,
  • Each type of skin changes requires a different correction method. Vilnius Laser Dermatology Centre employs all the methods of skin correction, that is why you will get what is the most relevant to you rather than what we currently have,
  • Exilis procedure is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are ap-plied),
  • For injection methods we only use cerificated, best manufactures‘ products,
  • Confidenciality guaranteed,
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