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Face and neck skin renewal treatment

Probably, not a single thirty-year-old woman would say that her facial skin has become less elastic than before, lost its shine, capillaries and enlarged facial pores started to tire, also pigment spots as well as little wrinkles started to show. These particular problems are in our target.

Depending on a problem doctors offer a variety of measures to fight with these issues and take care of face renewal. Such measures might be various peelings, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, intensive pulse light therapy, lasers, radiolifting, botulinum toxin injections or combination of these methods. During the consultation you will be offered the safest method that suits you best.

Methods’ working principles, effectiveness, safety will be explained and the best decision for you found ( all the listed measures are used in Laser dermatology center).

Our advantages:
  • For skin renewal procedures we use a high quality equipment that is appreciated among pro-ducers all over the world,
  • Each type of skin changes requires a different correction method. Vilnius Laser Dermatology Centre employs all the methods of skin correction, that is why you will get what is the most relevant to you rather than what we currently have,
  • Exilis procedure is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are ap-plied),
  • For injection methods we only use cerificated, best manufactures‘ products,
  • Confidenciality guaranteed,
  • You may order dermatologist‘s consultation via Internet: BUY CONSULTATION,
  • Why is it worth to do so? You get a 5% discount by purchasing the consultation via Internet.