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Hair loss treatment

Healthy shiny hair is an inherent part of beauty. Stess, thyroid diseases, anemia, seasonality, changes in age, genetics, use of medicine, skin diseases have an influence on hair loss or baldness.

There is a variety of hair loss types treated in our clinic:
androgenic alopecia (men type of baldness that is influenced by hormones and genetics);
alopecia areata;
diffuse hair loss ( resulting from stress, seasonality, after giving birth, etc.);
hair loss maintenance check-up.

Mesotherapy – a safe and effective procedure retarding hair loss. During the procedure, biologically active substances are injected into the skin with the help of micro pricks (for example, vitamins, micronutrients, amin acids, hyaluronic acid, etc.). Mesotherapy stimulates the scalp blood flow and moistening, provides hair with the necessary substances for its growth, strengthens hair roots, stimulates the hair growth, reduces hair lss, improves skin condition.
Procedure is applicable to women and men of any age. Number of procedures depends on hair condition, the intensity of their loss, age of the patient. Approximately the course consists of 5-7 procedures every 7-10 days. After that the maintenance treatment is continued once in 1-3 months depending on a necessity. It is recommended not to wash your head 1-2 days after the procedure, not to swim in a pool.

Platelest rich plasma (PRP) micro prics effectively retards hair loss as well.
PRP – plasma, rich with platelets, extracted from patient's (the one to whome a procedure is going to be done) blood. First of all, 25ml of blood is taken from vein. The blood is centrifuged, es a consequence the concentrate of platelets is produced. This concentrate concludes 8 times more platelets than blood. Platelet aggregation is injected in the scalp using micro pricks.
There are a lot growth factors in platelet structure that have a possitive impact to the skin condition and stimulate hair growth.
Number of procedures is individual, several may be necessary. Procedures may be reiterated every 3 months.
PRP injections are not recommended, if a patient has a blood clotting disorder, immunosuppression, diabetes, liver failure, acute or chronic infections. These procedures are also not recommended for the one who smoke heavily and use alcohol.

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