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Laser hair removal

A woman is struggling with dark hair in the face and body, this is a rather unpleasant problem. Some women are genetically predisposed, and others have high hair loss as a consequence of hormonal imbalances.
Laser epilation (laser hair removal) is the most up-to-date and safe method for removing unwanted hair. His help will quickly and painlessly get rid of unwanted hair and forget daily hair shaving or depilation with wax. Only a few procedures are enough and your skin, legs, armpits, bikini skin will become smooth and tender forever.

•The procedure does not cause allergic and inflammatory skin reactions, does not damage and does not irritate the skin.
• Physical sensations during the procedure resemble a tingling sensation and a minimal discomfort.
• Already after the first procedure 15-30% of unwanted hair disappears and they are no longer present.
• After several treatments, the hair and black dots emerged after shaving blades completely disappear.

The hair removal is done with the latest generation of MAGMA Spark, manufactured in Israel. At present, it is the fastest-acting laser, whose efficacy and safety have been proven in clinical trials and approved by the regulatory authorities (FDA and CE).
Hair Removal with Next-Generation Diod Laser MAGMA Spark is the golden standard for laser epilation!
With MAGMA Spark, you can eliminate unwanted hair from the owners of all skin types. Even the dark gymnastics people.
Often in a dermatology clinic, the skin photo is determined by simply looking at it, and the melaninometer is determined in our center. It is a special device that calculates the concentration of melanin in the skin and helps to more accurately determine the parameters of the procedure.
The powerful MAGMA Spark, a wavelength of 808 nm, penetrates deeply into tissues (such as deeper than an alexandrite laser). This wavelength is more effective (eliminates deeper hair follicles), is safer and has a lower risk of damage skin during the procedure, especially for the darker skin type.

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Laser Hair Removal During laser treatment, laser energy eliminates skin structures that are responsible for hair growth. 

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Laser energy is not detrimental to surrounding tissues. Sapphire optics and cooling protect the skin from thermal shock and result in greater procedural comfort.

Since the laser beam only works on those hair that are in the active phase of growth, regular laser epilation sessions should be repeated regularly. The hair grows cyclically, therefore, during one procedure, it is not possible to remove all the hair, since some of them are in a passive phase (the hair in the phase of rest is not affected by the laser beam). For this reason, in order to achieve the best cosmetic results, several laser epilation procedures are recommended. The precise number of procedures is determined individually and depends on the epilated area, the type of skin and hair.

• Already after the first procedure 15-30% of unwanted hair disappears.
•Rust irritation caused by shaving blades disappears.
• The skin becomes smooth and velvety.
• After 6 procedures, 80% of unwanted hair disappears. Do not forget that the final result is evaluated 2 weeks after the last procedure.

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Hair removal can be ineffective when:

1.    Blond hair (e.g., light skin, blonde, brown, pink hair);
2.    Hormonal disorders (diseases of the endocrine system), genetic tendency to hair loss;
3.    When the color of the hair is almost the same as the color of the skin (mostly dark-skinned.
4.    The patient does not follow the recommendations before and after the procedure (shaving her hair, etc.)
The number of procedures to achieve the desired effect is individual, but the average is 6-8 procedures. Upon reaching the effect, in the future, supportive procedures are carried out 1-2 times a year. 

Four weeks before the scheduled procedure can not:
• Use a self-tanning cream in the juice to visit the solarium;
• Use of tetracycline antibiotics, sulphonamides, quinolones;
• Poke or otherwise mechanically remove hair from the body where the procedure is scheduled;
• 1-3 days before the scheduled procedure can not be:
• 3 days before the procedure, it is forbidden to clean the epilating area with alcohol-containing substances;
• One day before the procedure, the epilating area must be shaken;
• Do not apply any creams or antiperspirants to the epilated area 1-2 days before the procedure;
• The procedure is performed on smooth, clean skin, without visible hairs.

Two weeks after the procedure can not:
• Wake up in the sun, visit the solarium;
• Bathing in a hot bath;
• Visit sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool (with chlorinated water);
• Clean the epilated area with alcohol-based materials. Apply Bepanthen 5% Cream (in the evening) or another specialist recommended cream to the epilated area. It is recommended to use cosmetic products that contain irritants (eg scourers, spirits etc.). Prior to going to the field, it is recommended to apply an epilated area to a field with a sun-protection cream, which has an SPF of at least 30. After the procedure, the protective sun cream should be used for at least 2 weeks.

It is not recommended to use epilating, hanging tweezers, waxing or using depilatory creams in procedures. Hair can only be removed with shaving blades.
Recommended interval between treatments: 4-8 weeks.

Laser epilation results are individual for each patient. It depends on the structure of the hair and the type of skin. On average, 6-8 laser epilation sessions are enough to achieve the desired cosmetic effect. Intervals between procedures:
• After the 1st procedure: 4 weeks.
• After the second procedure: 5-6 weeks.
• After the third procedure: 8-10 weeks.
Although laser hair removal has many benefits, there are certain diseases and conditions where these procedures can not be applied.

• Pregnancy;
• Breastfeeding;
• Oncological diseases;
• Badly controlled diabetes;
• Other hormonal disorders;
• Certain skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, herpes infection;
• Tattoo or permanent makeup procedures on the spot;
• Venous varicose veins, venous thrombosis;
• Electrocardiostimulator;
• Open wounds, other skin defects, burns on the spot;
• The use of blood-thinning medicines;
• Keloids;
• Autoimmune diseases;
• Use of photosensitizing drugs, such as tretinoin, isotretinoin;
• Neurological diseases;
• Laser epilation does not apply to the removal of light or gray hair.

For Laser Hair Removal, each patient has individual parameters based on the patient's skin phototip. In our center, the melaninometer is used to determine the skin photo (before the procedure). It is a device that calculates the concentration of melanin in the skin and helps to accurately determine the parameters of the laser procedure. These parameters are based on world-class medical standards that ensure optimal efficiency and safety.
Some patients want to perform the procedure with the highest capacity, hoping for the best epilation results. However, it's strictly forbidden to perform the procedure when setting the maximum power! If the selected parameter category exceeds the recommended rates for a specific phototip, it can lead to skin burns and unwanted pigmentation. Remember that the main goal is to achieve eye-catching cosmetic results without any consequences without disturbing health.
Our center, specializing in laser and general dermatology, employs qualified specialists and uses the latest medical equipment. Already after the first laser epilation procedure, you will forget about skin irritation, ingrown hairs, constant hair blowering or painful depilation with wax. We will be glad to help you have a beautiful, smooth skin!
Laser procedures are completely harmless. The laser beam penetrates to a depth of 4 mm and only affects the hair bulb, and then dissolves further.

Your skin is sensitive and your hair tends to grow. Laser epilation, even in sensitive areas, does not aggravate the skin, procedures do not need to be repeated every day (compared to hair shaving with blades), so the hair stops grooming. You are troubled by dark and thick hairs. The hair is darker, the more effective the procedure. If the hair is extremely bright, thin, it resembles "blisters" - laser hair removal is not the most appropriate method for hair removal. To find out more about the effectiveness of laser epilation in your case, consult our center specialists.
You are sensitive to pain. If you are intimidated by a monthly sugar or pasta waxing, laser epilation with the new generation of lasers is the most appropriate method for removing unwanted hair. Bikini epilation lasts only 1-2 minutes. These few minutes are really more enjoyable than, for example, removing bikini hair wax. The most appropriate procedure is to plan ahead. Hair does not go away immediately and forever. The first hair disappears (falls out) within 7-10 days after the first procedure. Several procedures are recommended to minimize the number of remaining hair and slow down the rest of the population. Experts in dermatology centers often promise that laser epilation will permanently remove any unwanted hair. We are open-minded: none of the methods currently applied in dermatology eliminates absolutely all unwanted hair forever. However, laser hair removal eliminates most of the unwanted hair (on average about 80%), while others become thin and weaker. Laser epilation in our center will surprise you with attractive prices and special offers. You will be informed in advance about the cost of the procedure and avoid overpaying for additional impulses. The cost of epilation for each body area is fixed and does not depend on the amount of work and the time allocated to the procedure.

Laser Hair Removal costs
The procedure is performed only in Vilnius.

Our advantages
  • Laser Procedures - Laser Dermatology Center Specialization.
  • Before the procedure, the patient should be examined by doctor, thereby ensuring procedures expediency, efficiency and safety.
  • Maximum objectivity if the procedure is not appropriate for you.
  • Modern high-end medical equipment to deliver the best results. Our equipment is characterized by additional water cooling, which reduces the risk of burns, running up to 40J / cm2 on the skin surface. The equipment has all the medical equipment certificates, which ensures the efficiency and safety of the procedure.
  • Competitive price.
  • Provided extra high quality professional services (by far the largest number of specialists in the private institution of its kind in Lithuania).
  • For new patients, we apply 25% discount for the first hair removal procedure.
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