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Laser leg capillaries removal

Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center uses a high-class, new-generation laser together with powerful and safe intense pulse light apparatus, which is considered one of the best in Lithuania, to remove varicose capillaries. Due to the new technologies, removal of the capillaries has become fast, convenient, safe and painless.

How does the laser work?
The laser generates a beam of light waves of the same length, which immediately, without damaging any surrounding tissues, destroys the capillary that is aimed at. Because of the integrated skin cooling system in a sensor, the procedure is minimally painful and completely safe for removing varicose capillaries.

How many procedures are needed to remove capillaries?
Usually, from 1 to 3 procedures are required.

Recommendations before laser capillaries removal:
1. Avoid tanning in the solarium or sunbathing, don’t use self-tanning products for a few weeks before the procedure is conducted due to the fact that a tan minimizes the effect of the procedure and can cause changes of skin pigmentation.
2. Before the procedure, the skin should be clean and free of any cosmetics.

How is capillaries removal performed?
A patient lies on the medical couch. Skin area, where removal of capillaries is going to be performed, is cleaned with a disinfectant. The patient wears protective goggles. While performing the procedure, a slight discomfort can be felt, but modern equipment reduces it to minimum.

Recommendations after the procedure:
- Skin, which was affected during the capillaries removal procedure, can become red, swollen, or itchy. It passes away within few days.
- If blisters or crusts occur, antibiotic ointments are applied.
- Avoid sunbathing or tanning in the solarium during 3-4 weeks after the procedure has been conducted. Use sun protection products. If more procedures are planned, sun avoidance is required. A few days after the procedure, avoid going to the sauna as well as taking a hot bath. - It is recommended to take a warm shower.
- Do not use cosmetics as long as there are skin lesions.
- Don’t rub or scratch the skin, avoid doing active sports, getting injuries.
- Wearing tight socks or using a bandage after the procedure are not necessary.
- Possible complications of varicose capillaries removal (occur very rare): hypo-pigmentation of the skin or scar formation.

Our advantages
  • Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center specializes in laser procedures.
  • State-of-the-art and certified equipment from the best manufacturers.
  • We provide high-quality specific services (the largest number of specialists in the private institution of such type in Lithuania).
  • If you have any questions or want to perform a capillaries removal procedure, please contact our center 8 (5) 2052606.
  • Find out the cost of capillaries removal.
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