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Laser treatments

In Laser Dermatology Center qualified and specialists having a huge work experience will remove moles, keratomas, viral warts, skin epithelial origin and other types of tumors. New generation CO2 laser will help to achieve best results. Dilated facial and leg capillaries, red face disease, pigment spots and other skin defect removal will be performed using special lasers and intensive pulse light. In this way the best result is going to be achieved and the risk of unwanted side effects is going to be lowered. Before the procedure you are going to be provided with information about procedure‘s fulfillment principles, amount of procedures, their frequency, possible efect, unwanted risk and pecularties of period after the procedure.

  • Laser procedures is the specelization of Laser Dermatology Center.
  • Only the most modern certified equipment of globally appreciated producers is being used.
  • We offer an extra high quality specified services (the largest number of specialists in a priva-te such type institution in Lithuania).