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Medicinal treatment of nail fungus (onychomycosis)

When medicinal treatment of nail fungus, local external ointments (creams, solutions, varnishes) and oral medications (tablets, capsules) are used. But even with the use of new drugs, the disease is often repeated or difficult to treat.

Ointments for topical application to the nails and surrounding skin are recommended only if the damage to the nail plate is less than half or the patient with onychomycosis can not take antifungal medicines. Medicines for topical use only (for example, terbinafine (Lamisil), naphthyfine (Exoderyl), ketoconazole (Nizoralis), varnish Loceril, etc.) usually do not cure the nail fungus, since they do not penetrate deeply into the nail plate. These drugs can be used as an auxiliary method of treatment and combined with oral antifungal drugs.

Oral antifungal medications (eg terbinafine, itraconazole, ketoconazole) are more effective, but have many side effects. In the treatment of nail fungus, medications are taken within 2 months, with the fungus of the nails of the feet - for 3 months or more. These medications are not recommended for patients with liver disease or heart failure. Before taking antifungal drugs, it is recommended to do a blood test and determine the condition of the liver.

Medication treatment of nail fungus can be combined with other methods of treatment: surgical removal of nail plates, laser.

Our advantages:

• The biggest experience in the treatment of nail fungus with laser in Lithuania. The first in Lithuania began to provide this service;
• The only ones from the Baltic States are being treated with an unequaled analogue in the world of NOVEON laser, the effectiveness of which has been proven by numerous studies and cured by thousands of patients around the world;
• In the treatment of NOVEON, the laser does not have a "human" factor, the procedure is performed according to previously prepared algorithms, so the best results are likely;
• We use two types of lasers and in practice we can compare the effectiveness of their action - we recommend the NOVEON type laser;
• The safest method of treating nail fungus (on health effects) is NOVEON. (The drug treatment lasts several months, it can damage the liver (liver enzyme control, often laboratory tests are needed), bacterial resistance to drugs can develop);
• The procedures are not prolonged, the patient can make them at a convenient time "during lunch break";

  • Nail fungus medication treatment performed by doctors V. Sidorovas, Dr. E. Aukštuolienė, E. Zubrickienė, R. Šidlauskienė, A. Šumila.
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