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Meta Therapy

Micro perforations are made in the skin using a Dermatude Met-Ject FX 50 device and a manual controle device that has thin needles integrated in it. An imprint having 18 micro needles and the speed of 100-120 injections per second make a thousand micro perforations. Such an imprint of needles with a flexible head technology and waved surface guarantees the equivalent penetration of needles to the skin even if the skin surface is not equal. Our skin considers such perforations as an infringement of the skin and activates a natural skin's recreation process. In this way the production of collagen and elastin is stimulated. During the procedure skin is also exposed by active suctances that work very accurately, specificaly and matches the skin type as well as the aim of treatment.

The appropriate depth
An accurate and appropriate length of the needle is very important in order to achieve optimal results. Meta Therapy perforates basal cell layer which takes place in the upper dermis layer. After activating this layer the production of collagen and elastin is provoked but does not cause danger to hypodermic scars development.

Meta Therapy is an absolutely safe procedure
Meta Therapy is the safest and most natural procedure out of invasive methods that fights with skin aging. An advanced digital device with a prestigious manual control and patentated needle module guarantees optimal results without a risk to infringe the skin or scarring to appear. Disposable needle modules with a protective membrane prevents cross-contamination. Leading world's dermatologists admit that Meta therapy is a safe and effective procedure.

Advantages of Meta Therapy:
• rocedure is painless,
• procedure is short,
• results are visible after a short period of time,
• 2000 perforations per second are made,
• a maximum active substances‘ access to the skin,
• procedure does not require anaesthesia,
• a patient is able to continue his/her daily routine at once after the procedure,
• make-up can be put on the next day after the procedure.

What is Meta Therapy used for?
Meta Therapy is used for various aims: you may choose the improvement of the whole face condition and the procedure to combat aging, also procedures for the areas of neck/decolte or some specific wrinkles' areas. In order to achieve best results several kinds of procedures could be done:
•  forehead wrinkles,
•  crow’s feet wrinkles,
•  skin's structure improvement,
•  pores' shrinking,
•  skin lifting,
•  decolte area,
•  mimic wrinkles,
•  bags under the eyes,
•  against aging,
•  wrinkles around the lips,
•  neck area.

Meta Therapy is suitable for different skin types:
•  dehydrated skin,
•  mature skin,
•  dry and extra-dry skin,
•  cracked skin,
•  wilted skin,
•  damaged skin (because of a large amount of UV light),
•  postoperative skin,
•  skin damaged because of smoking.

The procedure of Meta Therapy

1 step: evaluation
Dermatude Meta Therapy specialist will provide you with all the information about the procedure. You will also be given an agreement ''Informed meeting'' that has to be filled in.

2 step: procedures.
2.1 – the whole-face procedure
This procedure is applied to the whole face or some certain face areas. Its aim is to improve skin condition and fight with skin aging. The Flex Head technology imprint and its waved surface guarantees the equivalent penetration of needles to the skin even if the skin surface is uneven. Result – after the Meta Therapy course skin becomes firm, beautiful, more elactic and will look a lot younger. At once after the procedure skin may look slightly redish but the redness should disappear in few hours. Patient will be able to continue his/her daily routine at once after the procedure. Make-up can be applied on the skin the next day after the procedure.

2.2 Procedure for single wrinkles
Apart from the improvement of facial skin Meta Therapy is widely used in a fight with wrinkles. The 9-point wrinkle needle is used for reduction of deep wrinkles and the 7-point wrinkle needle for reduction of small wrinkles. Because of specific technology usage the skin that takes place under the wrinkle is activated.
Results: skin connective tissue that fills the wrinkle from the inside begins to produce. It is a completely natural process of the skin. During the procedure no fillings are injected into the skin and facial muscles or nerves are not being blocked. Although, in order to achieve better results and quicken natural skin processes special serums are used.

3 step: control of the results
You may choose improvement of the skin condition, facial, decolte area rejuvenation procedure, also some certain wrinkles' removal procedure. There is also a possibility to combine several procedures in order to achieve best results.
Dermatude active substances
Active substances are used during the procedure. There are special Dermatude serums with active substances that get in to the deeper skin layers in the time of procedure. Active substances directly reach live skin cells and cause their renewal. That is why they might be called skin restorers.

Extreme Lifting Complex active substances
Extreme Lifting Complex active substances in their composition have vitamins A, C and E. It is scientificaly proven that vitamin A encourages the production of skin cells. Vitamin C is responsible for skin cells' protection and vitamin E restore them.

Active Hydra Booster active substances
Hyaluronic acid that is in consistance of Active Hydra Booster can naturally be found in the skin. Moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid ensures the regeneration of skin's moisture balance and shine of the dry, mat skin.

Dermatude skin care
In order to achieve optimal results, Dermatude presents skin care products that may be used at home and prolongs Meta Therapy effect. There is the same composition used in Dermatude skin creams and active substances that have been used during the procedure. Only one of these skin creams – Extreme Lifting Complex or Active Hydra Booster - is necessary to fulfill the functions of day and night creams.

Extreme Lifting Complex cream
Do you feel the increase of eye, mimic, forehead wrinkles while time passes by?
In order to lift your facial skin and minimize the number of wrinkles it is advisable to use Extreme Lifting Complex cream. This cream is rich with vitamins A, C and E and designed for facial care during the daytime as well as the nighttime. Vitamin A helps in renewal of mature skin; vitamin C saves the skin and neutralizes free radicals and vitamin E is a very important antioxidant thankfully to which outside aging effects may be delayed.

Active Hydra Booster cream
If you feel tired from dry facial skin, it is possible that your skin lacks collagen or hyaluronic acid. In order to improve such a situation it is advisable to use Active Hydra Booster cream which texture is based on hyaluronic acid. Facial cream may be used during the daytime as well as the nighttime. Natural connective tissue consists of hyaluronic acid which is capable of increasing in size by 30 times in the water and cause the skin to look thinner and fuller.

       Before the procedure                                  After the procedure
















FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I choose Dermatude Meta Therapy?
•  It is completely natural,
•  it is an alternative to face-lifting surgery,
• there is a possibility to do an invasive procedure,
•  it is an innovative procedure against aging,
•  visible results,
•  very effective,
•  many areas to choose for the treatment,
•  good price,
•  double effect: inside micro pricks promote skin regeneration; active substances used on the outside penetrate to deeper layers of the skin,
•  proper depth,
•  safe procedure with safe needle sets,
•  a very fast recovery.

What period of time does it take for skin to recover and when will I be able to put make-up on?
Meta Therapy allows to enjoy the results and advantages of deep treatment methods. After the other deep treatment procedures it may take a longer period of time for you to wait till skin will be fully recovered. That is how Meta Therapy is different from these other methods – it does not damage skin's protective barrier. After the procedure skin may look slightly blush but the redness goes away in few hours. Patient will be able to continue his/her daily routine and go back to work at once after the procedure. You will be able to put your make-up on the next day after the procedure.

What body areas can the procedure be performed to?
Meta Therapy provides with a possibility of a wide spectrum procedures done to such skin areas as face, neck, decolte or even very purposeful procedures to some concrete areas or wrinkles.

What period of time has to be taken between the procedures?
Procedures always begin with a course of four procedures in a week. Then the next four procedures one after another are done every two weeks. In order to maintain an achieved result procedures are performed periodically. Full facial procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. Procedure done for some particular wrinkles takes about a 20-minute time lapse.

What are the differences between a medical needle roller and Meta Therapy?
Madical needle roller is a cylinder covered with needles and is used to massage skin surface. Face is not flat but also has some round and curved areas. For this reason not all the roller needles have an equal possibility of penetration to the same depth of the skin. It is also very important not to press the medical roller too hard. When the pressure is too heavy needles penetrate too deeply and may cause tissue damages and skin callosity. On the other hand, if the pressure was too weak, injections were not deep enough, procedure would loose its effectiveness. Also, a lot less micro pricks are done by a needle roller as the number of needles is limited. Moreover, it is not possible to perform a purposeful procedure for some certain wrinkles.

Why should I choose Meta Therapy over a procedure done by a medical needle roller?
The advantage of Meta Therapy compared to the needle roller is that not only a cell's regenerative process is activated but also active substances are distributed to the skin before skin pores close. Also, such a procedure is more acurate and prestigious. Micro pricks ensure a precise maintenance in depth and length, also distinguish themselves for a lot higher density.Not less than 1800 microperforations are made painlessly and in a second. Active substances are distributed to the sking during the time of the procedure. Using special modules procedure may be performed for some certain wrinkles.

What is the difference between Mesotherapy and Meta Therapy?
Skin procedures that work deeply in hypoderma are more effective and visible in results than procedures that are done on the skin surface. During the Mesotherapy procedure only one needle is used. Active substances are injected to some certain areas but it is difficult to control depth and distance between the injections. Because of the greater distance and limited number of pricks Mesotherapy does not activate the natural process of skin regeneration. This procedure does not activate the production of collagen and elastin enough as well.

Why should I choose Meta Therapy over Mesotherapy?
Meta Therapy belongs to the category of deep treatment (invasive) procedures and connects the advantages of all applied procedures to one technique. One more advantage of Meta Therapy – cooperation of active substances and a natural skin cells' regeneration during the time of procedure. The skin surface is painlessly treated with 18 micro needles that penetrate to the skin with a high speed making 1800 pricks per second. In this way no skin area is left untouched. Thankfully to the very accurate depth control Meta Therapy always reach the necessary skin layers.

What is the difference between Micro pricks (Micro injections) and Meta Therapy?
In order to reach optimal results the needles' injection engine is necessary. A pencil of micro injections has the analogous engine. There is no controler in it to adjust needles' frequency and skin resistance and that is why the skin is perforated unequally. Frequency of micro pricks is also very important. There are fewer needles on the tip of micro pricks needles and the frequency of perforations is lower. Needles do not have deviation control which cause fluctuation and the needles might even bend seriously hurting the skin. Because of this reason perforations are very inaccurate.

Why is the proper length of needles that important?
Needles, mostly used in micro pricks technologies, are too long to penetrate to the deeper dermis layer. It might cause an infringement of hypoderma beyond retrieve. Such infringement may look similar to the ones that were caused by a II-degree burns.In that case skin looses its flexibility, elasticity and becomes hard. In order to achieve optimal effect the proper length of needles is very important. During the Meta Therapy procedure basal cell layer is being perforated. After activating it the production of collagen and elastin improves without any risk for hypodermic scars to appear. That is why Meta Therapy is an effective and safe procedure, which does not cause any short-term or long-term side effects even when repeating it for a number of times.

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  • Meta Therapy procedure is non-invasive (no anesthesia, no cuts and no surgical intervention are applied).
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