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Microscopic examination of nail fungus

Nail fungus tests must be performed in order to determine the exact diagnosis as there are different types of fungi. Only with diagnosis and knowledge of the type of fungus, precise treatment may be given, a laser for the type of fungus to be treated (currently different lasers for different fungi) can be given. Photos of the nail fungus can also help you identify the fungus that you are suffering from.

The diagnosis of nail fungus is made by microscopic examination of the nail plate and / or by crop testing.

The microscopic examination of the nail plate is straightforward: a specialist using a sterile scissors to cut a part of the nail plate is also taken for examination of the horny masses that accumulate after the nail. The study is appropriate if the patient has not been exposed to antifungal ointment or varnish for 3 weeks. Along with the microscopic examination, we recommend that a crop test be carried out immediately. The test material is sent to a special laboratory that identifies the type of fungus. It is not always possible to detect the causative agent for the first time, so the studies, at clinical signs, are repeated one month later.

This test can be done at the Laser Dermatology Center.  The microscopic test response is given on average per week.

Examinations are carried out in Vilnius and Klaipėda.

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  • Microscopic examination of nail fungus is performed by Dr. V. Sidorov, Dr. E. Aukštuolienė, E. Zubrickiene, R. Šidlauskienė, A. Šumila.
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