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Neck blood-vessels‘ test

Usually stroke occurs for elder people who have a high level of cholesterol and blood pressure as well as people who smoke ( risk increases twice), have overweight, diabetes, live passively. Unfortunately, there are cases when young people, propagating a healthy lifestyle also fall sick with the stroke.

How to avoid the stroke?
Stroke migth be avoided if preventive actions are taken on time, in this case the neck blood-vessel's test should be done.
When suspecting carotid or vertebral artery troubles arteries of head and neck as well as the arterial wall condition are evaluated by doing ultrasound tests, dynamic processes that run in head brain are registered and evaluated as well.

•  Your head is dizzy,
•  You have a headache,
•  You lose your balance,
•  You have ears tingle,
•  Your sleeping quality worsened,
•  You usually feel tired

It is recommended to do the neck arteries test. The procedure itself is not difficult: surgeon evaluates the state of vessels and only after that, if needed, does the other, more advanced tests.

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  • Surgical intervention is used when there is no other possible treatment.
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