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Pain treatment with impact acoustic wave method

The impact acoustic wave method is used in the treatments of chronic muscle pain, in tendons areas and joints. In comparison with the traditional methods of pain reduction, the impact acoustic wave method has good efficiency, it helps to achieve quick results. This method is particularly often used in rehabilitation, sports medicine, traumatology.

Advantages of this method:

• Efficiency
• Short procedure
• Enough 4-5 sessions
• Do not need drugs and anesthesia
• No side effects

This method is used to treat:

• Pain in the shoulders
• Epicondylitis (pain in the elbows)
• Pain in the wrists / palms
• Pain in Achilles tendons
• Muscle Pain
• Spurs (heel formations)
• Pain in the feet

The most frequently asked questions about the method of impact acoustic wave in the treatment of chronic pain:

What is the effectiveness of the impact acoustic wave method?
The effectiveness of the procedure is about 80%. This effectiveness is noted by patients who have been carried out 4 procedures. But after 1-2 treatment sessions, patients notice improvement.

Is the treatment painful?
During treatment, the patient may experience discomfort or pain in the treatment area, but this is a short procedure that lasts about 5 minutes and the pain is tolerable. In addition, you can adjust the level of comfort, you only have to tell the procedure to the performing specialist.

Will it hurt after the procedure?
In most cases, after the procedure, the patient feels relieved. Sometimes within 2-4 hours, pain can be felt in the place of treatment.

Is rest after the procedure mandatory?
After the procedure, a 48-hour rest is recommended in the area of the procedure (for example, if treatment was performed in the shoulder region, then physical exercises that act on the shoulder zone should be avoided).

How many treatments will be needed?
In most cases, 4-5 sessions are enough. The procedure is carried out once a week.In most cases, 4-5 sessions are enough. The procedure is carried out once a week.

If you wish to treat pain with the impact acoustic wave method, you need to come to our center in Vilnius. With you, you must have a trauma doctor (or orthopedic doctor) prescribed by your doctor to refer to procedures. Registration is required.

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