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Pigmentation bleaching by using chemical peeling

UV rays of the sun ages our skin. Affected skin gets the brown color tone. In young age  pigmentation looks even and esthetic, however tanned skin loses its beauty over the years. Uneven pigmentation seen as brown spots first of all appears on the skin of upper lips, nose, cheaks, forehead, later on the skin of temples. This chronic desease (also called melasma) manifests itself more often for women, although may occur for men as well.

Melasma is characteristic not only for elder people but for younger women during the pregnancy period or while using contraceptives as well. Although the melasma effect diminish after the pregnancy or canceling the usage of contraceptives the uneven pigmentation remain for several ( up to 5) years.

Melasma treatment

First of all, it is advisible to avoid the sun as the rays not only highlight the pigmentation bus encourages the appearance of the new spots as well. Use the sun protection while being outside even on a cloudy day. There is a variety of spot-brightening chemical measures that are put in brightening cosmetics but usually they are not enough. Best results may be achieved combining treatments – using special ointments every day, having chemical peelings regulary. For more severe cases to smooth the skin color entirely treatment must be supplemented with Intensive Pulse Light procedures.

Have you got more questions about skin whitening? Dermatologist will answer your questions and select the best treatment scheme during the time of your visit. Our clinic suggests surface whitening chemical peelings, spots' removal using IPL.

  • it is not always purposeful to prescribe a patient with laser procedures when results may be achieved using other and more simple methods, in this case peelings. Methods prescribed on time give significant results. Patient is provided with a good esthetic result by spending less money.
  • Dermatologist's aim is to offer the right method: peeling (there is a variety of different ones), mesotherapy, other method or a combination of them.
  • We only work with certificated and tested products for skin problems to solve,
  • peeling procedures in our clinic are done only by doctors dermatologists (not cosmetologists) because only after the right skin changes evaluation the right solution may be chosen.
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