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Laser pigment spot removal

After pregnancy or sunny summer, pigment spots show up on the skin and over the years they expand, affecting an increasingly bigger square and thus causing aesthetic discomfort. In our clinic, procedures are performed employing intense pulse light, after which pigment spots become less bright or they are completely removed. 

To achieve the maximum effect, we usually suggest that women should undergo 2-4 laser pigment spot removal procedures.

A few days after the procedure, you will notice how the pigment spots fade, and skin becomes smoother. Nonetheless, you will see the final result only after a few procedures.

This procedure is not invasive, i.e. you will be able to go home or to work immediately – as a rule, the facial skin may be a little bit red after the procedure.

It should be noted that all the IPL procedures are not performed if:
1) the facial skin is tanned;
2) there is a tendency to scarring.

It is not recommended to sunbathe 2-3 weeks after the procedure has been conducted.

Before carrying out a pigment spot removal procedure, you will hold consultation with a dermatologist who will assess the facial skin, and discuss the potential effectiveness of the procedure with you. Moreover, he/she will inform you about the required number of procedures. Sometimes, a test is performed to assess the sensitivity of the facial skin and its reaction to the IPL procedure.

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