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SIAscopyToday at Vilnius Laser Dermatology Center we can offer the most advanced method for early diagnosis of melanoma - SIAscopy. After examining suspicious pigmental skin lesions with SIAscope, we can exactly determine their structure, malignization risks and the best way to remove them.  


SIAscopySIAscopy (Spectrophotometric Intracutaneous Analysis) is a method for diagnosing pigmental derivatives on the skin. SIAscopy is based on the interaction of different length of light waves with melanin, hemoglobin and collagen in the skin up to 2 mm deep

SIAscopy is a quick and painless examination method. After applying a special device, which is called SIAscopic scanner, to a mole in a few seconds a doctor can see on the monitor the inner structure of pigmental formation up to 2 mm deep.

Objects that are seen separately during SIAscopy examination

Dermatoscopic skin formation

Dermatoscopic skin formation image through which the true color of the skin formation and its outer structure can be seen.




Melanin – the darker regions show the areas where pigment concentration is higher, while the lighter regions display the lower pigment concentration. 




Dermal melanin

Dermal melanin - the white areas indicate that there is no melanin in the papillary dermis layer. Green, blue, red and black areas show an increased concentration of melanin in the papillary dermis layer. 




Hemoglobin - the darker areas show a higher hemoglobin concentration in the papillary dermis layer, while the lighter areas – a lower concentration.




CollagenCollagen – increased collagen deposition is shown bright in color, while reduced collagen areas - in darker colors. 





SIAscopic scanner3D image of formation at the depth of 2 mm can be seen with the help of the SIAscopic scanner. 3D image of formation at the depth of 2 mm can be seen with the help of the SIAscopic scanner.




Testing and diagnosis of early melanoma

During a siascopy, the moles are examined quickly and painlessly. This test method does not require any additional intervention and preparation. The doctor adds to a mole  of a special device - a chipper. After a few seconds, the monitor shows an internal structure of the pigmentary structure, covering up to a depth of 2 mm.

Syoscopic sensitivity in the diagnosis of melanoma is 90%, and today it is the best indicator in Lithuania. No other non-invasive method for testing pigmentary skin derivatives used in Lithuania can not accurately (and deep) determine the structure of intrinsic pigmentary skin derivatives.

In addition, taking pictures on request may be stored on a special database upon the request of a patient. This facilitates can control tests, since it is possible to estimate the variation of the structure over time, comparing the overall image of the same unit and the specific parameters.

The Vilnius Laser Center was the first in Lithuania to offer the examination of moles and other skin derivatives with SIAscope.

Our advantages:
  • Admission is performed by Viktoras Sidorovas, the Doctor of Medical Science as well as oncology dermatologist who has worked for many years in the Institute of Oncology at Vilnius University and who has done a doctoral thesis defense on The Study on Cutaneous Melanoma Prognostic and Predictive Factors.
  • Aleksandras Mordas – a surgeon, oncologist, medical laser specialist who has thoroughly mastered all the diagnostic and treatment methods and who has been working from 2006. Since 2007 he has been a member of Lithuanian Association of Laser Medicine.
  • We specialize in early skin cancer diagnosis: one of the first in Lithuania (if not the first) who started applying SIAscopy for moles testing and diagnosis of early melanoma. Thousands of patients have already evaluated our center and the quality of the services we provide. They regularly visit our center to receive preventive care.
  • As we apply all of the most common skin cancer treatment methods – we will select the service that will produce the best result!
  • You can contact our centers in Vilnius and Klaipėda.