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Skin rejuvenation

Time outrun us. Environmental factors, lifestyle make prints in our faces. Often we feel younger than we look. Fortunately, you can turn back the time... It is possible now – to look younger, to bring back the healthy, natural and youthful look to your skin, to become more self-confident and look to an environmental world more possitively.

Skin rejuvenation may be achieved by doing a variety of nowadays dermatologic procedures. The newest, non-aggressive one – AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) peelings combined with the light therapy.

Exposition of the sun, aging, bad habits and life-style including nutrition and smoking bring forward the appearance of wrinkles.

The change in pigmentation, brown spots, spotty, blotchy skin appears with age or during the pregnancy period, also while using contraceptics may be related to genetic factors. Acne leaves roughness on the face surface and that is why skin lacks purity. Such and similar problems may be solved combining peelings and modern light therpy.

How do the AHA peelings work?
Alpha-hydroxi acids is the group of naturally existing acids that are extracted from sugarcanes. Glycolic acid peeling system breaks the intercellular material connecting old cells and in this way ensures the removal of the dead surfacial layer of epidermis from the skin surface. Such a removal stimulates the production of new cells and collagen, renewal of the skin in pursuance to return the purer appearance to the skin. Pores are shrinked as well preventing the formation of acne. You are going to notice the change in the skin structure at once after the procedure. Procedure is quick and convenient, takes about 20 minutes. Depending on desireable changes and the acid concentration the patient will be allowed to go back to his/her daily routine. There is no significant pain, only the slight tingle may be felt during the time of procedure. These procedures are called surficial peelings or „lunch break peelings'' as the majority of them might be done during the break. There is no post-procedural period needed after them. As these are the surfacial peelings it is adviseable to perform series of them if possitive changes are felt after the procedures.

What problems does the rejuvenation solve?
Using rejuvenation it is pursued to improve the skin condition and remove the disadvantages, including small wrinkles, pigmentation troubles, a smudge, to solve the problem of camedones and enlarged pores, mild and medium and severe acne, surficial acne scarring, fresh pockmarks and roughness after acne and chickenpox. Skin rejuvenates after the damage caused by sun, large wrinkles become shallower and less visible. Also, skin withholds more humidity, tone improves, skin becomes purer, more even, softer and looks healthier.

How do the light systems work seeking to renew the skin?
Aging is related to the reduced amount of collagen in derma. Skin loses its flexibility and the ability to keep moisture. It becomes waterless and thinner than before as the natural processes of regeneration slacken.
Photoaging quicken this phenomenon as the harmful UVA and UVB rays produce enzymes that worsen the skin‘s defensive function and blocks the production of collagen.
Cell actyvation tests show that the light system has a specific and unique cell-stimulating effect which allows photobiomodulating cells‘ function and renew the skin. Light used for treatment stimulates fybroblasts and in this way increases the production of collagen, the rate of production itself, productivity of collagen and elastine fibres,metabolism in the skin, collagen fibres are aligned quicker. Skin gets the fuller and smoother view, looks healthier, renewed. Light therapy mechanism also stimulates imunologic skin function. It is the reason why the improvement prolongs after the last procedure. Neo-vascularisation is also stimulated by the light systems, the blood circulation in the skin quickens, the supply of oxygen and the removal of toxins improve, skin becomes shinier. The light therapy is non invasive and safe, functions relaxingly, there is no sensation of eritema and pain. Procedure may be done during a convenient for a patient time and does nor require postprocedural period. Procedure itself takes about 20 minutes.

Why are the peelings combined with the light systems?
AHA peelings affect micro-thin and the very surfacial layer of epidermis. They remove the visible outer aging signs, light systems remove the aging sign from the inside by stimulating internal cell mechanisms. The result after the procedures is visible right away and remains for a long time.
Apart from positive effects listed above light systems also quickens regeneration of the skin, reduction of erythema, healing of small epidermal clefts. Therefore, there are no post-operative period or it is very slight when the highest concentration acid peelings are used.  The patient is able to continue his/her daily routine at the same day.

How many procedures will be necessary?
It depends on desired results and a current skin condition. Skin structure and color changes are seen already after the first procedure.Changes may be very subtle. Skin will get the healthier look, wil become smoother and purer. After 4-6 procedures significant changes in skin's structure and appearance occur – the reduction of hyperpigmentation, small and large wrinkles, acne dimples smooth out, skin surface becomes even. Number of procedures is selected individually and depending on desired results, also patient's requests. There may be 1-12 procedures performed.

What time period has to be taken between the procedures?
There should be a two-week break between the procedures.

What skin areas can be treated?
Such areas as face, neck, bust, back, arms and even legs can be treated. All the body areas react well to AHA peelings combined with the light therapy.

Are the procedures painful?
A slight tingle may be felt during the procedure depending on a peeling's concentration. The tingle is felt only for a few minutes. There is no sensation of discomfort after the procedure. Light therapy procedures are completely painless and relaxing.

  • it is not always purposeful to prescribe a patient with laser procedures when results may be achieved using other and more simple methods, in this case peelings. Methods prescribed on time give significant results. Patient is provided with a good esthetic result by spending less money.
  • Dermatologist's aim is to offer the right method: peeling (there is a variety of different ones), mesotherapy, other method or a combination of them.
  • We only work with certificated and tested products for skin problems to solve,
  • peeling procedures in our clinic are done only by doctors dermatologists (not cosmetologists) because only after the right skin changes evaluation the right solution may be chosen.
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