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Soft tissue surgery (lipoma and other tumors)

Mostly vascular and fatty origin benign tumors occur – hemangiomas and lipomas.
Lipoma– mostly occured soft tissue tumor. Multiple areas of lipomas are possible after the genetic changes. Lipoma – it is a soft, mobile, usually painless hypodermic knot. They are said not to get malignant and that is why may not be treated. The help of doctors is necessary when lipoma starts to cause discomfort and pains. After the doctor‘s consultation if needed surgery is appointed under the local anaesthesia.

Hemangiomas usually occur on the adult's skin like a red color dots, ,,stars” or thicker infringements that are easily recognized by a professional. Inborn hemangiomas for children disappear during the first 5-9 years of life. Such red spots on the skin deface cosmetic view but may also become the reason of more serious problems – cause injuries, bleeding, get infected.

In some cases (if the tumor is too large or takes place not on the skin surface but in hypoderma) it is better to choose surgery.
This small surgery is performed under the local anaesthesia – near the knot and under the tumor local anestetic (lidocaine and bupivocaine) is injected. Medicine work instantly and the surgeon removes tumor without pain and stitches the wound. After the surgery the bandage has to be changed regulary. Threads are going to be removed in 1-2 weeks.
If any problems occur, do not hesitate to contact us, come and we will be pleased to help.

  • In our centre work only professional doctors whose work quaity has been evaluated by many clients,
  • The majority of services are provided by the dispensary conditions, do not require narcosis (surgery is performed under the local anesthesia). Postoperative care and control is prescri-bed.
  • Surgical intervention is used only in a case of impossibility of any other treatment.
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