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Our center offers a possibility to perform skin, hypoderma, soft tissues‘ (lipomas and etc.) tumor surgery. Surgeries are performed by an oncologist, surgeon Aleksandras Mordas.

At the moment the largest part of surgeries are performed under local anesthesia. Such a surgery does not require an inpatient care – after a procedure patient is able to go home. Bandage may be changed after 1-2 days period and threads are removed after a fortnight.

  • In our centre work only professional doctors whose work quaity has been evaluated by many clients,
  • The majority of services are provided by the dispensary conditions, do not require narcosis (surgery is performed under the local anesthesia). Postoperative care and control is prescri-bed.
  • Surgical intervention is used only in a case of impossibility of any other treatment.
  • You may contact our centre in Vilnius.
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