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Surgery of skin tumors

Surgical treatment of skin tumors is usually performed outpatiently, under the local anaesthesia. Surgery may take from 20 min. to 1 hour depending on the properties of the tumor. Patient is released home at once after the procedure. Time for the bandage change and removal of thread is planned as well. Although the number of surgeries decreases, some of the tumors may only be removed surgically. These are a certain shape and size having malignant, an epithelian origin tumors, melanomas, ateromas, dermatofibromas and other type moles. Moreover, surgical treatment is performed if histological tumor examination is required.

  • In our centre work only professional doctors whose work quaity has been evaluated by many clients,
  • The majority of services are provided by the dispensary conditions, do not require narcosis (surgery is performed under the local anesthesia). Postoperative care and control is prescri-bed.
  • Surgical intervention is used only in a case of impossibility of any other treatment.
  • You may contact our centre in Vilnius.