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Sweating treatment

Prakaitavimo gydymas

Sweating is a natural protective skin reaction, but sometimes for some unknown reasons, it only increases in certain areas of the body. The most common cause for people is excessive sweating in armpits, underarms or palms, especially when it comes to stress or physical activity.

Increased sweating or hyperhidrosis are one of the earliest known health problems in dermatology. Perhaps you've often had to click on the "wet" familiar hands or see your co-workers in wet clothes?

Possible Causes of Sweating: Sources of sweating may include diseases such as diabetes, thyroid disease, infectious and oncological diseases, endocrine diseases, neurological diseases, as well as drugs, overweight, menopause, and puberty. But increased sweatingis not always a symptom of the disease. More people are sweating, who have a poor vegetative nervous system. Sweating is caused by stress, increased physical activity, excessive consumption of hot liquids, and alcohol consumption. The sweat glands are particularly active during puberty, and for some women after childbirth or before menstruation. Men's sweat glands are more active than women.

Regularly sweetening skin loses a protective lipid layer, which is why it is resistant to infections, especially the palms and soles of the palms. Therefore, a lot of sweats require treatment.. Excessive sweating can be a huge social problem for both the patient and those around them, as often not only disturbing patients, but also socially isolating them. Even today, these disorders are not easily treated. But lately, sweating has been diagnosed more and more and more patients are experiencing increased sweating.

Antiperspirants are used to reduce sweating, but they should not be misused by such sweeteners. Surgery may also be carried out using medical and surgical methods, that are unevenly effective. The surgical reduction of sweating is much more expensive than medication, leading to unwanted effects that can greatly aggravate the quality of life. At present, iontophoresis and botulinum toxin injections to prevent sweating are rapidly increasing,which are effective solutions to this problem.

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