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The dietitian consultation/nutrition plan

Laser Dermatology center offers dietitian‘s services, only scientifically proven weight treatment methodics are applied as well as complex adapted and individual weight loss programs depending on every patient‘s health condition. Dietitian must evaluate the health condition. Even the most insignificant health complaints that usually show up only after the laboratory testing cannot be missed and according to them the right nutrition has to be adjusted. Patient will be able to discuss a healthy, properly balanced, matching every person‘s physical needs nutrition changes that would be convenient for your daily routine. Only in this case you will be able to maintain healthy nutrition principles for the rest of your life. It is very important to get your nutrition plan prepared according to your habits, the rhythm of your life, would provide you with the sense of satiety and protect your health.

Obesity is an energy imbalance between the dietary intake and wasted energies. Because of this imbalance too large quantity of fat accumulates in the body that has a negative impact for person‘s health. The degree of obesity is identified calculating the body mass index (BMI) based on body weight and height.

BMI = body mass (kg)/ height (m)²

For adults whose BMI = 30 and more are considered to be obese. The highest degree obesity, that is also called a morbid obesity, is admitted after reaching 40 and more in BMI scale. Morbid obesity is especially related to serious health disorder.


Nutritional status

< 18,5


18,5 – 24,9

Normal body weight

25,0 – 29.9


> 30



The importance of specialists‘ help and the main factors having influence to weight loss:

  1. Correct nutrition – there are a lot of various methods helping in weight loss. The only wish is after loosing weight to maintain a good health. That is the exact result we would get if the diet was balanced and full-fledged. But what are the guarantees of loosing weight at the expence of fat by following a regular „slimming“ diet? What if you lost muscles and water and the fat amount remained the same? An appearance improvement is very doubtfull after such a slimming and in this case the lost kilograms may return very soon. That is why seeking for an effective weight loss the diet has to be correctly and individually chosen, adjusted on time during the whole slimming process. This is the only way to ensure the full-fledged nutrition in a time of loosing weight. Otherwise the slimming may lead to a bad health and returned kilograms.
  2. The metabolism – it is known for everybody that some of us may eat a lot and do not gain weight while the others are forced to eat very little. Every each of us is individual and our body differently wastes the energy got together with food adapting to eating habits and the level of physical activity. An effective slimming is teaching your body to waste the energy out of the fat layer. It is closely related to a cleverly chosen diet that helps to expedite the metabolism.
  3. The change of dietary habits – new dietary habits are formed slowly. The process has to give satisfaction, be simple, convenient and acceptable for everybody‘s lifestyle. During the habit-change period the desire to go back to previous habits will appear that is why the process is difficult to cope on one‘s own. It is like for a first-class student to learn to write, read, do the homework, wake up in the morning, have breakfast and go to school – were you able to do that on your own? Theoretically – you were but in practice hardly. There is a necessity of a helper who could give the advice and encourage on time.
  4. Motivation – it is difficult to maintain motivation for a common person in the process of the weight loss  for longer than few weeks and then the thought „ Shouldn‘t I quit?..“ follows. For this reason a professional is necessary just to keep a person motivated. Only to say „Hold on“ is not enough, the ability to defeat doubts on time, make the energy, belief in a victory return, a desire to continue is a must. It is necessary to help to understand what it is so important to lose weight for and prepare for a new life style.
  5. The maintainance of an achieved result – it is the thing that has to be learnt. Usually not the slimming itself is the most difficult process but the maintainance of an achieved result. Sweets, fat food, alcohol happen to occur in our daily nutrition but the question is how often and in what amounts it happens. It is important to know how to discover the proper amount and move to the nutrition helping to keep a desire weight. That is what specialists teach. But first ofall they teach independence - to understand one‘s wishes, one‘s inside condition, choose the food responsibly.
  6. Physical activity – one of the most important factors while being on a diet. Dietician is not a physiotherapist or sport‘s trainer definitely but nutrition combined with sports has its peculiarities – the point is to lose weight and reduce an excessive amount of fats. By the way, taking a walk, swimming or sport‘s equipment at home are also considered to be a physical activity. Therefore, the nutrition needs to be adjusted according to physical load.
  7. Phychologist‘s role is a significant component while being on a diet. If a person eats the stress, it is necessary to learn how to cope with it in other ways. If we eat the boredom, we need to know how to vary our daily life using other methods. If there is no time for breakfast or lunch and we eat only once in the evening, in this case it is very important to learn to love and care about your desires.

Patients are consulted in cases of overweight, obese, nutrition deficiency, heart or blood vessels‘ diseases; adjustment of dyslipidemia (an increased cholesterol level, triglycerides ); diabetes, kidneys‘ diseases; nutrition adjustment after an abdomen surgery; inborn genetic diseases; allergies, vegetarian nourishment. Healthy adults, children and teenagers, pregnant and feeding women  are provided with individual nourishment recommendations.

Dietician will provide every patient with anamnesis, individual nutrition plan, nourishemnt adjustment principles, lifestyle, behavior changes and physical activity according to everyone‘s health condition.

Non-surgical fat layer removal using a device Exilis may also be suggested (Exilis is one of the first systems allowing the body size reduction. Combining radiofrequency and ultrasound energies with cooling it is probable to treat any body area accumulating the fats and requiring for a firmer skin).

Dietician‘s consultations take place in Vilnius and Klaipėda.
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