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Varicose veins treatment

Varicose leg veins treatment is complex. These treatment methods are usually combined with each other because a single treatment is not enough most of the time. First of all, it is necessary to love your legs. If you have a sedentary or a standing job, you have to find the time to lift your legs as well as let them rest to enable the venous blood come back easily into the blood flow. If there is no opportunity to lift up your legs at work, the compression therapy could help. Such therapy involves different compression leg vein socks, which doctors prescribe taking into consideration the stage of disease. Socks activate the venous blood flow through deep veins, facilitating returning of venous blood back into the blood flow. Socks particularly help: 

1. while sitting or standing for a long time;
2. when you go on a trip;
3. when you have to sit for a lengthy period in the car or on a plane.

Another varicose veins treatment method is a special medication tonic. Special medication tonics tone vein walls, slow down the progression of varicose veins, facilitate lymphatic drainage from the tissue into the venous blood flow. Various ointments are frequently advertised; however, if the skin is irritated and affected due to the venous pressure, you can experience the opposite effect.

One more method of varicose veins treatment is sclerotherapy. During that procedure intravenous drugs are injected, causing veins inflammation. Because of the inflammation vein walls stick to each other, resulting in the vein collapse. Depending on the diameter of the vein, either liquid medicine or foam medicine can be injected. If foam medicine is in use, the medicine remains longer in the vein; it is not washed off with a stream, therefore leading to a better effect. After sclerotherapy procedure is conducted, compression socks must be put on immediately. If there are so-called spider varicose veins, they can be burnt employing an outside laser. The laser’s energy causes both coagulation and evaporation of water. This way the vein removal is performed.

If the treatment methods mentioned above are not possible and the disease is actively progressing, then, leg vein surgery must be performed. After the surgery is conducted, there are no visible scars remaining; nevertheless, the disease may recur.

In different countries half of operations are performed by means of surgery, while the other half – employing a laser. In some countries 80 % of varicose veins operations are conducted by using a laser. The new generation laser (the wavelength of 1470 nm) vaporizes water not only from hemoglobin, but also from the vein wall. Afterwards, the vein shrinks and removal is no longer necessary. One advantage of this technology is that incisions are not made. In addition, there are no scars left. A person can walk immediately after the surgery is carried out; there is no need to stay at hospital. Veins can be treated for the whole year. After the treatment is prescribed it is required to wear compression socks; that is why it is better to start being treated during a cold season and enjoy beautiful legs during the summer.

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