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Vascular surgery

Arturas Mackevicius, who is a vascular surgeon in the Laser Medicine Centre, consults his patients that suffer from disorders of arterial and venous circulation. Vascular research, establishment of reasons of blood flow disorders, leg vein research and vascular surgery are the services which are provided by a vascular surgeon who has extensive experience in that field. While diagnosing vascular diseases a physician performs standard surgical treatment as well as carries out laser removal of blood vessels. After the pathology is diagnosed, the treatment is prescribed (surgical, laser, sclerotherapy). 

If you suffer from varicose veins, sclerotherapy is the treatment you need to choose. Sclerotherapy – a procedure during which veins are clogged up with medicines. We are currently employing the most effective technique, which is called foam sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a safe procedure as the vessel, which is clogged up, is not really vital. When the procedure is over, the affected vein is clogged up and the blood begins to flow through another vein. Before performing sclerotherapy, it is necessary to consult the vascular surgeon and undergo ultrasound scan. Sclerotherapy is not recommended for people who have had liver or blood diseases, blood circulation disorders, heart disorders, and diabetes. During the procedure you may feel some pain and discomfort, but the good thing is that this procedure does not require anesthesia. After the procedure is conducted it is necessary to wear therapeutic compression socks designed for vein treatment. Sometimes several sclerotherapy sessions are needed due to the fact that it is forbidden to inject large doses of medicine at once. After procedure it is also recommended to avoid standing or sitting for a long time as well as overloading your legs. The final effect of the treatment can be assessed in 1.5 - 2 months after the last sclerotherapy procedure was conducted. Also, we have to mention some rare, but possible complications: bleeding in the area of injection, thrombus formation, allergic reaction, ulceration. Procedures are performed every 4-6 weeks. After sclerotherapy procedure is performed it is forbidden to sunbathe and go to solarium for about 1-1.5 months.

In case of other vascular diseases, such as hematoma (where sclerotherapy is not applicable), another procedures, for instance, a laser procedure, are conducted. How are dilated capillaries removed? The place where capillaries become visible is cleaned (any hair in that area is removed), chilled and treated with an impulse light laser that removes capillaries. Laser procedure is particularly effective for bluish capillaries. After procedure a patient is able to work at once.

Since a vascular surgeon uses all the mentioned above methods of blood vessels removal, you will be offered the best solution.

Our advantages
  • Professional doctors (vascular surgeons) whose work quality has been highly evaluated by many patients work here.
  • Most of the services are provided under ambulatory conditions, narcosis is not required (local anesthesia is employed). Post-operative care and control are delivered.
  • Vascular surgery is applied when there is no other possible treatment.
  • You can contact our center in Vilnius.