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Wart removal

Warts - viral disease of the skin (human papillomavirus is the agent), which is characterized by benign formations on the skin. Warts are divided into: 

- Common warts are usually found on hands, the face or other parts of the body. They look as raised and keratinous formations. While they are small, they don’t usually cause any discomfort, except for cosmetic. Grown warts can be sensitive and painful; they can even bleed when they are damaged.

- Flat warts are usually found on the back of hands, or face. They look as broad-based, skin color or light red smooth formations. They are painless as well as multiple.

- Plantar warts appear on feet. These warts grow into depth, but when they reach a certain size they inflict pain. They are often confused with corns.

- Condyloma acuminata (when the mucous of genitals is affected). These warts are sexually transmitted. It is difficult to treat them. Wart removal requires several procedures. They often relapse.

Common warts comprise up to 71 % of all warts, which usually occur at school age (up to 20 %). The elderly usually suffer from plantar warts and such warts make up about 34 % of all warts. Flat warts are not very frequent (4 %) and children are usually affected by them.

It is not difficult to diagnose warts for an experienced dermatologist. Warts are diagnosed during the consultation. However, in rare cases, especially if a wart is traumatized, it is difficult to make a diagnosis with the help of examination only; therefore, a doctor must perform a biopsy of formation and histological analysis.

The main problem of wart treatment is that there is no method or medicine, which could remove the virus itself, that is why a physician cannot guarantee a 100% recovery.

Ideally, warts should be treated by an experienced dermatologist as misallocation of treatment may worsen the situation. The only treatment is a wart removal. Laser wart treatment is the most frequent treatment; however, medication-assisted treatment (medicaments, which are applied on the skin) can also be also prescribed. Sometimes warts are removed with nitrogen (cryodestruction). Depending on each individual case, our center can employ any wart removal method that has been mentioned above.

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