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Nitrogen wart removal

Wart removal with nitrogen is one of the most popular procedures for removing warts since it is the cheapest method of wart treatment. Cold nitrogen is used to perform the procedure. The treatment is called cryodestruction (destruction with the cold). Despite the fact that this wart removal procedure is not very pleasant, it does not require anesthesia. By freezing warts, the tissue of warts is destroyed and a blister is formed under them. The chilled skin together with warts gradually disappear or fall off after about 10-14 days. However, this method also has some disadvantages. Only small, thin warts can be treated by means of a cryodestruction method. It can be necessary to repeat the procedure several times for large and old warts owing to the fact that sometimes a big wart, which is removed with cold nitrogen, can increase in size. During the treatment or healing period it is not advisable to do sports, go swimming, or attend saunas.

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