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A surgical ingrown nail treatment

Ingrown toenails treatment depends on the toenails infringement level. If the condition of an ingrown nail does not allow to ascribe a conservative treatment or such a treatment is ineffective, a surgical treatment is performed. A side edge nail removal and a nail bed searing using a phenolic acid are performed in a local anaesthesia. The procedure is effective and painless. A postoperative care is not difficult and a patient may go back to an everyday routine in a few days.
It is recommended to wear open shoes that do not restrict movements, a warmer sock or slipper as the toe is bandaged after the surgery and may not fit into ordinary shoes.
It is also very important to have somebody who would take a patient home after the procedure as to drive by oneself may be pretty difficult because of toe’s numbness after a local anesthesia and the bandage.
If there is a possibility, patient should take walks as little as possible and hold the leg upraised – these are the perfect conditions for a wound to heal.
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